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Art Is The Weapon

My name is Martina and this is my additional blog dedicated to artworks I find inspiring and unique. Submissions of such works are always appreciated.

i have reached my first hundred today!! sending lots of hugs and little kisses to everyone, thank you :~) 

also, i am back home in slovakia now, which means that i am now going to be a lot more active in posting - there’s a long list of interesting and inspiring artists i want to share with you all soon! thank you again, i hope these days are treating you well.


Paco Pomet (b.1970, Spain)

Granada-born artist Paco Pomet bases his paintings on old archival photographs, interjecting silly, surreal, and absurd elements — skewed and stretched features, scale shifts, extra or missing limbs, or goofy pop imagery — commenting on the distorting nature of memory. (src: Lost At E Minor)

© All images courtesy the artist 

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