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Art Is The Weapon

My name is Martina and this is my additional blog dedicated to artworks I find inspiring and unique. Submissions of such works are always appreciated.


Vanessa Lodigiani - This is not me, this is also me.

MOMA. New York City. 2010

Six performance-interventions during Marina Abramovich’s:’The Artist Is Present’ in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

"I sat in front of Marina Abramovich, six consecutive days dressed as six different identities, the last one being a full length black Burqa and Niqāb which covered my entire body and face, except for the eyes. I sat with her for 42 minutes, then continued upstairs where the retrospective of her work was being shown. I stood in front of a re-performer elevated high on a wall, her arms and legs extended in a crucifixion pose. We stared intensely into each others eyes, she began to cry. I was completely covered, she was completely nude."

This same re-performer, later talked about this experience in an interview, mentioning that it was the only moment she truly felt physically naked.

The performance was based on the experience of annulling the individual. I no longer represented myself but a collective identity. I became a symbol. A question. A contrasting figure. The “other”.

Photos by Marco Anelli

(via rub-raw)

i have reached my first hundred today!! sending lots of hugs and little kisses to everyone, thank you :~) 

also, i am back home in slovakia now, which means that i am now going to be a lot more active in posting - there’s a long list of interesting and inspiring artists i want to share with you all soon! thank you again, i hope these days are treating you well.